Morgan L. Baker

Morgan (she/they) is a Games Accessibility Specialist & Designer who has a strong commitment to increasing the accessibility and broadening the inclusivity of video games.

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Hosted the Xbox Accessibility Showcase – October 2021, introducing new accessibility initiatives led by the stellar, accessibility team at Microsoft.

An annual recognition of individuals “who represent the bright, bold and inclusive future of video games.”

Can I Play That? award for someone either in a development role or not – anyone who is an advocate making a difference across the wider industry in the context of games accessibility.

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✨ Accessibility Matters ✨

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Expertise includes (1) creating and working with accessibility guidelines, (2) performing heuristic reviews and benchmarking, (3) hosting internal accessibility-related marketing, writing, design, and representation workshops, (4) brainstorming and creating original, accessible design, (5) aiding user research and UX teams, and more.

Note: At this time, I am currently limited on what projects I can take on outside of my full-time role. However, feel free to connect with me. At the very least, I’m happy to provide specialist recommendations 🙂